Gladys Vivas

Licence No: MA34391

Forced to flee with her four small children due to a communist takeover, Gladys Vivas, a successful owner of thriving businesses in Venezuela, LeGocha Restaurant and the Comercial Leomar Tile
Distribution Center, had to leave behind comfort, financial stability, family, and friends, not knowing how hard it would be in the new country, but wanting a future for her children. As soon as she arrived in the United States, Gladys started to look for a place to live, went to the University of Central Florida to study the English language, and found a job cleaning and painting. From there, she was to study, work, take care of her family, learn the language, and become an American citizen (a process that required 10 years and a lot of money). Gladys worked long hours, sleeping some days only two hours, a mother of four who strove to provide shelter, food, education, and love. As she was the only adult in the life of her children, Gladys knew she needed to be there more for her children, so with her last $6,000, she attended massage school. For 22 years, Gladys has cared for elite clients and patients, earning many additional licenses and certifications, and is considered one of the top massage  therapists in Orlando. She receives referrals from both chiropractors and surgeons, and Gladys is thankful to be able to provide for her family and to truly be part of the American Dream.